Become a Gorcombe Racing Society Member

Here is an opportunity to become a part of a real horse racing society. You will get the opportunity to actually go to the races, go in the owners and trainers areas, meet the trainer of your horses and the jockey that will ride it for you that day, and not just buy a share, get a fancy certificate and wait for your updates on social media or in the post.

Unlike other racing clubs, we are trying to make Gorcombe far more personal but as affordable an experience as possible. To do this we are limiting the number of shares to 100 per horse so we will be more like a large family than a super club! We hope to be able to listen to members’ views and even be able to act on some of their ideas if suitable. 

With the Gorcombe racing membership, instead of having a share in just one horse, you will have a share in three, this way we hope to share the expectations and disappointments that go with live animals rather than have all your eggs in one basket! 

Our plan is also to be the only club that will be 100% all homebred horses, we believe this adds to the whole experience, we will be able to keep you updated on the future progeny, we will know our horses have always been well looked after, and also be in a position to arrange to show you around should you want to see some of the future characters coming to the team. We want you to have the chance to be a complete owner, live with the highs and the lows that go with this incredible sport. Things like the lows when he seems to have a career ending injury to the highs of him coming back from it and winning a race with the wires still in his mouth.

We don’t want you just to read and watch your horse on social media but have the chance to go and see him in the flesh, go to the owners and trainers areas, meet your trainer and jockey, listen to the race plan of the day, some lucky member will even get to receive the prize if the horse wins, we really do want to make you feel like an owner not just a number!

On becoming a member you would be required to pay the first two months of your membership as your initial payment, this would be followed by your membership at the start of every calendar month thereafter, you will not be tied into a 12 month contract but there will only be 100 shares per syndicate, so you may not be able to rejoin the syndicate should you miss a payment.

Within your syndicate there will be three horses. These are currently FindusatGorcombe, Gorcombe’s Rascal and MissyouatGorcombe should one of these be retired from racing or be sold then a replacement will be found. If you do not like the replacement you will be able to leave the syndicate without any notice, and any remaining membership you have paid will be reimbursed to you.

Platinum membership will give you:

  • All your trainers’ fees. The race entries. Your jockey. 
  • The horse transport to the race. Vets, Physios and Farrier fees.
  • A scarf in Gorcombe’s racing colours.
  • Regular updates on your horses by email, social media, or post if you prefer.
  • Access to a site that will keep you up to date with all horse activity at Gorcombe, both your syndicates horses and any news on the other horses owned by Gorcombe Racing.
  • A guarantee of the chance to go to the races as an owner at least once a year, (hopefully more often!) where you will be greeted by a member of the Gorcombe team, who will host you for the day, you will not just be left to fend for yourself.
  • Your share of the prize money, which may not be huge but equally will not be ridiculously diluted by 1000s of members.
  • A chance to visit the horses when they are home at Gorcombe.
  • A stable visit to the trainers’ yard in Devon once a year if requested by members.
  • A chance to be part of a small and unique society from the very start.
  • No hidden extras.

We believe the main benefits of joining this racing syndicate will be the chance to go to the races to watch your horse with like minded people; we are not going to try and challenge the much bigger more expensive clubs, neither will we hit you with high extra charges on top of your membership. There are no hidden extras. We are trying to offer people the chance of an affordable insight into racing, a memorable experience, and to be more like a large family than a corporate institution. A real chance to feel like an owner, not just a number.